Catching up…and a dedication

Since last autumn, my work as a lawyer has had to take priority over the iris project, with a lengthy trial to prepare for and fight through to a conclusion.  As a result, the blog post I prepared on our iris reticulata collection coming into bloom never even got finished and posted.  I’ll save that up for next year now.  To tide things over until I can post a proper piece again, here is the album of photos my family have sent me of this year’s blooming period.  It is so tantalising not to be able to see them myself this year but lovely to see that so many are blooming generously now that they are well established. The photo above shows the dwarf irises in bloom and the new rose and clematis arches in place – rather bare as yet but the coming months should remedy that.

The link to this year’s album is below.  It is dedicated to my mother in law, Linda Henry, my mentor in gardening, who helped us plant the raised beds in the autumn of 2015.  2017 flickr album.

Iris Photos 2017

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