A dance to the music of time

The trouble with blogs (and I am an expert, having started mine only two days ago) is that there’s a flurry of activity in the first week (QED) and then nowt.

But I have a cunning plan:

The first part of the cunning plan involves blogging some things twice, once in English and once in Italian for our (hoped for) local audience here in Umbria.  Starting with this post.

And I have planned a series of posts (which can be almost infinitely extended) on creations from some great hybridisers, whose irises are well represented in our collection here at Casa Nova.

They’ll each take a bit of time to research and write but I’ll add links here as they are completed.  So far the list of planned blogs comprises:

A French Quadrille: 4 Cayeux irises

An Italian Tarantella: 5 irises from Augusto Bianco

Waltzing with Matilda: some of the best from Barry Blyth

Breakdancing: broken colour irises

That should keep me (and you) going for a bit.

…and now, a pause…


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